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The Touch of a Certified Equine Therapist is unparalleled

Treating horses and other animals for over two decades

I am a certified equine therapist specializing in spinal alignment and acupressure massage. I travel throughout BC, working with horses.

I was certified in 2003 as an equine therapist, and throughout the years, I have expanded my practice from working with horses, including dogs and other four-legged friends. I continually work with other specialists to advance my knowledge and better help my clients and their animals.

I want to make sure the owner knows what I am doing, help them to understand the process, and feel comfortable.


We seriously love this lady because of who she is and for the amazing work she does on our animals! She has been working on our three horses for a few years now and the difference is incredible! My big gelding actually tries to pull the mallet out of her pocket when she comes and is in her face constantly if she is not working on him! My daughters mare is engaging her hind end finally and my son's 24 year old ranch horse has never felt so good. The age and tension lines just dissappear from her face after Tina is here. I love it that she comes back for a second session within a short time to ensure things are still where they should be. She is so patient with both animals and people too!
Boy riding horse
Corrina Knoll
Tina is a wonderfully skilled equine professional. She initially worked on my sons horse at a 4H event where she was working by donation to the 4H club. I think she has had her hands on almost all of our horses now. We have a random herd with all types of backgrounds, ages, and experience levels. Our gnarled up Ottb is gaining top line and looks more like a horse than an anorexic moose. It’s amazing how much a change can come from adjusting! Thank you Tina for all your work!
Schaana's horse
Schaana Puetz
I highly recommend Tina! She has done wonders on my horse. When Tina first came to us, my mare had several areas that were out, once Tina worked on her a lot of issues cleared up and training became much easier. I now have Tina do regular maintence, she plays a key role in keeping my mare feeling her best and helps us be successful both in and out of the show ring!
horse jumping
Kara Salmond
Smoosh had a tricky start to life as a twin and when he was having issues coordinating his front and hind end, Tina worked her magic to get him moving as he should. The next day he was much more stable, allowing him and momma to be turned out on pasture. Always grateful to have such an excellent clinician available to treat all the livestock here at the ranch.
Picture of calf named smoosh
Jessica Granberg - Rafter J Ranch

Proudly serving the Thompson-Nicola, Kootenays, Cariboo, Okanagan, and Lower Mainland

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